Cake Mantovana" Sbrisolona" of BonSapore



Linked to the peasant tradition is a traditional cake made with almonds.
The name "sbrisolona" derives from the dialectal term "sbrisa" translated into Crumb, in fact, it is a cake that crumbles easily, precisely because of its friable consistency.
Tradition has it that this cake should be eaten in pieces and accompanied by a sweet liqueur.

Ingredients:  Soft flour,  yellow flour, 22% butter, sugar, 
10% toasted almonds, egg yolk, lemon peel, vanillin, salt,
almond flavoring. Allergens: gluten, milk derivatives (butter), almonds, eggs. Nutritional values ​​for 100 g of product: Energy value 1962 kj - 469 kcal Fat 26 g, of which saturated 8.9 g 52 g carbohydrates, of which 20 g sugars fibers 5 g proteins 6 g salt 0.32 g WEIGHT: 300 g
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