Grain of Piedmont Hazelnuts of Scoiattolo Rosso



Grain of Piedmont hazelnut with a quality mark shelled, chopped and ground, in a vacuum packaging. Ideal for the preparation of sweet and savory recipes .

weight: 500 g

Description: Product obtained from hazelnut of the species Corylus Avellana L., round Gentile cultivar of “Langhe”, cultivated in the territory of Regione Piemonte and worked in compliance with the specification of Piedmont “ I.G. P Hazelnut”, mechanically private of the shell, subjected to automatic and manual choice and final calibration.

Characteristic taste of the “Piedmont Hazelnuts I.G. P “

List of constituents: 100% Piedmont Hazelnut I.G.P. No other chemical analysis

ingredients: protein: 15.63 g/100 g total

Carbohydrates: 14.87 g/100 g simple

sugars: 5.11 g/100 g dietary

Fibre: 7.55 g/100 g total

fats: 57.7 g/100 g

Saturated Fat: 4.75 g/100 g Sodium: 0.02 g/100 g salt: 0, 05 g/100 g

Energy Value: 675 Kcal 2714 Kj/100 g organoleptic

Characteristics: Colour: light brown odour: typical of hazelnut flavour: typical of hazelnut As Chest: Hazelnut

GMO: No gluten: The product does not contain gluten

allergens: the product is obtained from hazelnuts that are part of the list of allergens, cited in Directive 2000/13/EC updated Allergen Directive 2003/89/EC and D. LGs 114/06.

The product is packaged in a laboratory that works peanuts, dried nuts, powdered milk and soy lecithin

SHELF LIFE: The product must be stored in the recommended conditions and inside the original sealed packaging, so it keeps the own features for at least 12 months







minimum purchase: 2 products of SCOIATTOLO ROSSO


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