Italian Risotto of Bonsapore



BonSapore embodies that precious taste that we are proud to offer you constantly with our food selections and taking care of the choice of raw materials, the passion for good food and the discovery of ancient traditions, is continually searching Of the expression of true Italian cuisine.

Packaged with passion, BonSapore products, rediscover a healthy and genuine cuisine, made of authentic flavors

ingredients: Rice arbor, carrots, zucchini, peas, onion, leek, tomato, parsley, chili

allergens: Not present

weight of the product: 300 GR

Product Expiration: 18/24 months

Preservation mode: At room temperature, in a cool and dry place

EAN 805902062 3302

Minimum purchase 3 MIX products of BONSAPORE

Product Details
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