Carnaroli rice with dehydrated summer truffles of Tartufi Massimo



It is the ideal choice for those who want to taste an exquisite risotto preparing it with great ease. Carnaroli rice with summer truffles is an exceptional first course and already has everything you need to make a very delicious risotto with truffles. With a classic butter or truffle curl or a tablespoon of cooking cream your risotto will be an excellent and creamy first course, with all the taste and the scent of the real summer truffle

Ingredients Carnaroli rice (98%), salt, summer truffles - Tuber aestivum Vitt. - dehydrated (0.7%), dried parsley leaves, aroma.

tips for use: To cook this risotto you use the same techniques of preparation of a normal risotto. In a saucepan brown some onion with oil or butter, add the rice with the truffle and toast for a few minutes, blend with white wine leaving it to evaporate completely. Apart, it prepares the broth that will have to be added gradually, cooking the preparation on a slow heat. When the cooking is finished and the heat is turned off, the whipping process can be carried out with butter (ideal for the truffle) or with the cream

quantity recommended: per person 90/100 g

weight: 200 g

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