Trofie 5 flavors of Bonsapore



Trofie to the five flavors, durum wheat semolina pasta

Ingredients durum wheat semolina, dehydrated spinach 3%, powdered chard 3%, tomato dehydrated powder 2%, turmeric 2%, water.

 weight 500g

allergen: Gluten, eggs, fish, molluscs, milk and dairy products are also used.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Average nutritional values per 100g of product: Energy value 1566 Kj fat 0.18 g saturated 0.05 g carbohydrates 77.55 of which sugars 2.7 g fibres 1 g, protein 12 g salt 0.005 g, calcium 17 mg, Iron 1.3 mg

EAN 805902062 3036

minimum purchase 3 products MIX BONSAPORE 

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