PEAR CIDER Madernassa AND.......




try our Maderé Pear Cider Madernassa (750ml)

.... As an aperitif alone or in cocktails!


Little alcohol, pleasant bubbles and fresh taste are ideal in the hot period at aperitif time or for a refreshing break. Mix this effervescent cider with crème de cassis, raspberry or strawberry liqueur: you will get an interesting kyr. opt for cider when you prepare a sangria ...


..... At the table something nice ... Choose our dry cider to accompany white meat, pork or fish. And why not try it with pizza or fresh cheeses? Try it!

.....Brunch? do not hesitate to uncork a cider ..... Joyous and festive, effervescent cider can be a valid accompaniment to your brunch. Whether with salty like paté, terrines, cheeses or with dessert: crepes and fruits. . .taste it !!




ALCOHOL: 8% vol.


WEIGHT: 750 ml the bottle


SIZES: 1 bottle of 750 ml, or 6 bottles of 750 ml

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