Classic Soft Amaretti from Antica Dulcinea



Handmade soft amaretti made by an old '800 recipe using Avola almonds (original Sicily products) which give a unique taste to the product.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, almonds 22%, apricot almonds 22%, white eggs,honey,glucose syrup,leavening agent:potassium sorbate, sweet almond aroma. Product subject to natural decline,may contain traces of nuts in the shell and sulfites.

Weight: 1 Kg

NUTRITIONAL VALUES (For 100g of product)

Energy Value 456 Kcal / 1812 Kj
Fat 23g
Saturated fatty acids  6,9g
Carbs 48,7 g 
(sugar)    45,5
Protein  11,6 g

SHELF LIFE: 180 Days


The product must be stored in a cool and  dry place.

Product Details
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